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"Kaila is extremely amazing. I've gotten readings from a couple different psychics and after the readings I was always still left with questions. I felt like nothing was ever answered and that clarity wasn't provided. When I received readings from Kaila I always was left wowed because I was getting a clear answer. I also love that she provides guidance and ways to help the situation. Kaila's readings always leave me with clarity and feeling positive."

BG - Calgary, AB

"I am so thankful to have Kaila in my life. We first met while taking an alignment program together and naturally kept in touch. I have been to a group mediumship zoom reading with her, as well as a card pull over Instagram live. Each time was absolutely amazing. The mediumship reading was so special, while the card pull gave me info I needed to hear so greatly at that time. It's like she understood me with no judgement, and I love that. She has a way of delivering messages in such a kind and understanding way, I am thankful for Kaila and look forward to working with her many more times in the future."

Sheri - Ladner, BC

"Kaila is so gifted and amazing! I had a reading with her and it was pure magic. She explains everything thoroughly and answers questions if you have any. I love how she delivers the messages and has such an amazing energy about her. I look forward to getting more readings!"

Gina - Patchogue, NY

"Since childhood I have always believed in the ability to communicate with spiritual beings albeit with a reasonable level of skepticism. You might say I was someone who needed to experience it first hand in order to quell any doubt. I can say with full certainty that Kaila has removed all doubt from my mind after one reading.

What started as an open-minded willingness to try something quickly became a grounding, surreal experience that can’t be properly put into words. You can’t explain the feeling that grasps your heart when a loved one speaks to you from beyond. When Kaila brings forth the messages being conveyed, that primal instinct of the truth hits like a truck. When details only you and that loved one know are laid bare it can profoundly impact your life and bring closure long sought after.


I was incredibly blessed to speak with not just a loved one, but also with what one might call a “spiritual guide” who I had felt and been seeking out since childhood. It would be accurate to say that the connection I experienced with this being during my reading has significantly changed my world view and the legacy I wish to leave behind me when I depart for the next realm. This being revealed many things that subconsciously I knew but could not properly articulate or understand.


The time communicating with these beings through Kaila is without question one of the most revealing and prominent moments of my life to date. For anyone looking to speak with what is beyond, for any reason at all, you owe it to yourself to make the leap and be open to what may happen.


Without Kaila I don’t believe I would have ever have found the answers for questions which I’ve sought for most of my life. Especially not with the level of certainty in them that I enjoy today."

Cody, S - Surrey, BC

"I have had several readings done by Kaila and every time I have been blown away by their accuracy. Everything she has ever told me was so relatable to what was going on in my life at the time. A lot of things she read about my future have played out and come to pass. I always left feeling renewed and hopeful. I highly recommend anyone who needs clarity and direction to go and see Kaila!"


Nicole, H - Surrey, BC

I have known Kaila for a few years now and have had a few readings over the years. We have connected over the loss of our mothers which is why I have contacted Kaila for guidance and her connection she has tuned into. All reading have always been accurate but it was the last one she gave me that really opened my eyes. I was going through a rough patch in my life and work life, big decisions needed to be made and  it was very overwhelming to pick the right path. Kaila’s reading really eased my mind and decision and I am more grateful than I think she even realizes. Because of that now I am in a very healthy place in my life, opening a new restaurant from the ground up with an amazing team that are stoked to have me. Thank you Kaila for the guidance!

Chad, M- Victoria, BC

"I've had several readings done in the past but my reading with Kaila was by far my favourite. I felt extremely comfortable with her and trusted her intuition. Her reading had deep accuracy with events going on in my personal life. I was going through a rough time and she left me feeling more at ease with situations and with a more renewed outlook. If you're in need with some direction, I highly recommend having a reading done by Kaila to provide you with some comfort and clarity."

Pricilla, D - Delta, BC

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